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It has taken years for our team at The Collaboration Vector Inc. (TCV) to perfect  a unique approach to transforming the way in which business interacts with its stakeholders and communities.  We now have proven, through qualitative and quantitative evidence, that this transformation powers business performance on multiple levels – as it propels real social progress.   


The approach helps business identify and develop leaders, promote teamwork and collaboration, improve problem solving abilities, differentiate from the competition and build brand image and reputation.  The many benefits extend beyond company doors to community and business partners. 

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Transformative Community Involvement™, originated by TCV, offers business a natural starting point. By “building new shapes out of the same building blocks”, companies transform traditional philanthropic efforts into solutions-oriented initiatives. Stakeholder engagement moves from sporadic to longitudinal, from superficial to deep, meaningful, and results-oriented. Employees, communities and companies become better and stronger. Our approach benefits companies of all sizes and industries.


Our framework aligns on a granular level with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, from design through to impact assessment.  The Collaboration Vector Inc. was one of the first companies to support this alignment for a corporate community program, shortly following the launch of the UN SDGs, an achievement that was Highly Commended by Ethical Corporation in 2017.

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& training

Learn about our methodical approach to engaging your stakeholders over

the long-term. 

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Community program

design & implementation

Select from a comprehensive suite of services, offering varying degrees of intervention 

tailored to your needs.

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assessment & reporting

Learn how we can help you assess the social and business impact of your existing or new program.

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