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Our story

Our learnings over many years and in multiple sectors culminated in the development and refinement of The Collaboration Vector Inc.'s unique approach to transforming the way in which business interacts with its employees, stakeholders, partners, and communities. 

Over the years that I managed a collaboration project between 2 independent hospitals,  I learned that succeeding in improving patient care had everything to do with engaging people. When people at every level and across these separate entities felt engaged in this common social mission of improving patient care, magic happened. 

While further developing this notion in the public, private, non-profit sectors and in mandates with the United Nations Development Programme, it became clear that some of the greatest opportunities for future growth and innovation would be catalyzed in the intersection between business and society. 

I founded The Collaboration Vector Inc. in 2011 with a mission of supporting business in tapping into these opportunities.  


 - Sabrina El-Chibini, Founding CEO

Our team

Sabrina El-Chibini

Founding CEO

John McCormick

Impact measurement

& valuation

Rey Chua


& communications

Yasmin Nabih

  Strategy & operational excellence


Helen Chrenowski

Project research & management

Nevine El-Chibini

Nutritional wellness

Dmitri Kharitidi

Business strategy & research

Jacqueline Byrne

Social Media Marketing

Our advisors

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Adam - opt.jpg

Allan Portwine


Margarita Caycedo

Research & economic evaluation

Adam Cole

Health technology

Joe Sisto

Partnership agreements

Pierre Robert

History & education

Santiago - opt 2.jpg

Santiago Monroy

Strategy & data management

Christian Aveline

Multinationals & CSR

Joanne Hin

Tseng Leung

Community engagement

Merlin Njoya

Statistical analyses

Sarah Berry


Sauraj - opt.jpg

Sauraj Gambhir


Debbie Rabinovich

Clinical psychology

Lynn Hoffman

International development

Carmen Djemalian

Non-profit management

Sayandeep Basak


Our young collaborators

James Byrne


and technology

Olivier Aveline


Valerie Bourdon

Graphic design

Lauren Belvedere

Responsible global

supply chain

Our partner in environment

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