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Interacting, exchanging and transforming as a community


The Collaboration Vector Inc. (TCV) is committed to promoting evidence-based practices in Transformative Community Involvement™.  TCV’s interactive training modules are based on results that have been observed and measured in real-world settings.  Our research team collects relevant quantitative and qualitative data in a continuous and rigorous fashion to expand knowledge in the field.

The training modules describe the various facets of TCV’s unique and proven approach to Transformative Community Involvement™ and are ideally suited for those wishing to implement a new transformative program or transform an existing one.  Explore the steps and critical success factors that led our client SeaLand to be named finalist, and then receive a Highly Commended distinction by Ethical Corporation in the 2017 global awards for responsible business, category “Employee Engagement of the Year” - just 1.5 years into implementation! 

Why Investors Should Seek Social Transformation

November 30, 2017

Explore the role of the investor as an agent of change specifically in regards to the “social” element of the ESG equation.  Demystify the “social” element and learn about the relationship between social transformation and workforce development.   Explore how non-traditional transformative approaches to human capital investment are serving as attractive alternatives to costly, pervasive, and failing approaches.  Learn about the relevance of grassroots transformation inside corporations and communities.  Revisit what is material about “social impact” measurement and discuss standardization relative to innovation.  Explore the relationship between social purpose and profit from a human capital investment standpoint.

How Companies Can Transform Their Community Investment Programs and Succeed at It

September 07, 2017

Transformative Community Involvement™ is about moving companies away from transactional community investment to transformative involvement. It means engaging stakeholders, including employees and non-profits, in collaborating to solve societal problems through a process that has proven to also benefit business. The session will introduce the core concepts of the approach, critical success factors and the implications for private-/non-profit partners. Participants will learn about the importance of setting the stage for social and business impact measurement and how doing so allows evidence-based decision-making to guide program evolution. Participants will learn about the leadership attributes and critical success factors that led TCV’s client SeaLand to be named finalist, then Highly Commended by Ethical Corporation in the 2017 global competition in responsible business – just 1.5 years into implementation.

The Value of Transformative Community Involvement™ for Corporate Culture and Service Mindset

October 19, 2017

Presentation and discussion about the business value of TCI programs and why measuring business, social, and environmental impact is integral to a transformative approach.  Learn about the impact of SeaLand’s TCI program on company culture, service mindset, and additional employee indicators and how this led the organization to be shortlisted for Ethical Corporation’s 2017 international award competition in the area of responsible business, category “Employee Engagement of the Year”.

Developing Leaders Through Transformative Community Involvement™

November 27, 2017

Learn about how leaders are developing through transformative involvement with communities and hear about the transformation from employee leaders.  Discover why Transformative Community Involvement™ is really an investment in human capital, inside and outside the office.   Learn about the conditions that promote leadership development and how to set the stage for success.    

How to Facilitate Alignment with the UN SDGs Through the Transformative Community Involvement™ Approach

October 19, 2017

Learn how to align your TCI program with the UN SDGs and support global progress in a granular and  impact-focussed way.  Develop a 3-tier program that supports global progress, adheres to a central, focussed and meaningful company policy, aligns with corporate values and strategy, and facilitates local creative expression.

Why Each Company Must Find its Own “Sweet Spot” for Community Investment

December 01, 2017

Whether companies are transactional or transformative in their approach to community investment, it is imperative that each company find its own “sweet spot”. Practical examples will be used to describe the risk associated with successful “runaway” programs as well as everyday practices that appear benign but that can negatively impact prospective and existing stakeholders, including employees, non-profits, and general audiences. Practical tips will be shared, inherent to a Transformative Community Involvement™ approach, to assist companies in reflecting about current community investment and how each company can find its “sweet spot”.

The Opportunities and Implications of Transformative Community Involvement™ for the Non-profit Sector

November 01, 2017

A presentation and discussion of the opportunities that Transformative Community Involvement™ offers non-profit organizations, together with the implications.  Critical success factors are explored and tips provided to assist non-profits in being prepared and proactive in relation to TCI.

The Critical Success Factors of Transformative Community Partnerships: Case Study

November 03, 2017

Successful transformative community involvement (TCI) programs require not only bold leadership and engaged employees but also cultural alignment with the right partners who possess the right capabilities.  Learn about the critical success factors of a  partnership between SeaLand and non-profit partner Costa Recicla.  Based on a TCI approach, the partners engaged stakeholders in the design and implementation of an office recycling program in Panama that resulted in positive, measurable business, social, and environmental impact.

How To Transform Employee Engagement and Develop People Through Community

November 09, 2017

Explore how TCI helps employees reach their potential while building communities outside and inside the office.  TCI, or engaging employees in solving the world’s problems, provides unique development opportunities for companies’ greatest asset, their people.  Learn about the business value that results when employees are empowered to develop personally and professionally through purpose and community in a way that is aligned with respective core values. 

Measuring the Business and Social Impact of Corporate Community Involvement

November 23, 2017

Measuring the impact of community partnerships allows for better decision-making.  It promotes longer, more impactful, outcomes-focussed relationships between companies and non-profit partners. Partners establish benchmarks for progress, evaluate whether or not those benchmarks are reached, and strive to improve community outcomes together. Learn how linking action to desired outcomes focusses energy and helps organizations decide what actions to take and which actions to forego.

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