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Is your company nurturing collaboration? If not, ‘tis the season to transform!

We asked a highly engaged employee the following question:  “What does collaboration mean to you?”.   He replied, 

“An openness, a willingness, an appetite for working together with colleagues for a greater cause”.

– AJ, Montréal

Developing people by transforming corporate involvement with communities fosters a culture of collaboration that benefits business as it does communities.  It brings out, in natural and efficient ways, specific behaviors that are otherwise difficult to “order” or “will”.   These lead to innovative and differentiated results.  Collective successes occur around outcomes that are meaningful and uniting.  The “goodness factor” prevails, becomes contagious, and self-propagates. 

Following are 3 of the top collaborative behaviors that are fostered through Transformative Community Involvement™:

  1. Acknowledgement - Employees publicly credit others, at all levels, for their contributions 

  2. Workforce Potential - Employees help others reach their potential

  3. Innovation - Ideas, solutions, and strategies that cross departments emerge

Curious about other collaborative behaviours and about our approach?  Contact TCV


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