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5 Good Reasons to Get Started on Transforming Community Involvement in Your Company

September 5th marks the Day of Charity, an international UN day which is dedicated to raising awareness about charity.  Charity comes in many forms.  According to the UN, it includes monetary gifts as well as volunteerism.  

For some leading corporations, charity means collaborating with partners in deeper, more engaged ways to help solve the world’s problems.  These approaches bring multiple personal and professional development opportunities for both community members and business.  Companies are seeing that building community outside helps build community inside.   

Here are some research findings that are worth celebrating today.  When employees get involved with community in impactful ways:

  1. There is an increased likelihood that companies will deliver positive, measurable social value

  2. Employees who are involved are more engaged

  3. Employees who are involved are better overall performers

  4. Better company culture

  5. Better company integration

How are you celebrating International #charityday?


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