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Webinar:  How To Transform Employee Engagement and Develop People Through Community

This webinar explores how transformative corporate community programs help employees reach their potential while building communities inside and outside the office.  Transformative community involvement (TCI)™, or engaging employees in solving the world’s problems, provides unique development opportunities for companies’ greatest asset, their people.  Concurrently, trends show a need for organizations to provide their employees with purpose and value in the workplace in order to attract and retain the best talent.  Bold leadership is needed to empower employees to develop personally and professionally through community in a way that is aligned with respective core values.  The business value of TCI™ will be presented based on learnings and evaluation in the field. 


Learn about:


  • How people become better leaders, problem-solvers, team builders, service providers through TCI™

  • Why transforming community involvement is timely:  focus on people

  • Moving from a transactional to a transformative approach to employee engagement

  • How to combine central policy-making with local initiatives

  • How to support global progress through the UN SDGs

  • What is involved in making this transition?

Free Webinar for Business Stakeholders


How To Transform Employee Engagement and Develop People Through Community


Learn how people become better leaders, problem-solvers, team builders and service providers when companies transform their involvement with communities


October 12th, 2017 11:00 am Eastern Time


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Sabrina El-Chibini, President of The Collaboration Vector (TCV) and originator of the Transformative Community Involvement (TCI)™ approach, will present this journey to transformation and what is involved in making the transition.  She will discuss how bold leadership led TCV’s client SeaLand to be named finalist for Ethical Corporation’s 2017 responsible business awards in the category “Employee Engagement of the Year”. 

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