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We help companies build community programs that engage stakeholders, develop leaders, and inspire unique cultures.

Social impact

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What is the social impact of your community involvement efforts?

Your community involvement program can have a long-term transformational impact on your employees and community, and contribute to your marketing and corporate social responsibility efforts. We help you understand, evaluate and communicate your social impact.

Culture & purpose

Are you searching for new win-win approaches to grow your business and strengthen your communities?

No matter your industry and geography, every company can build a one-of-a-kind culture and differentiate itself among its stakeholders, by instilling social purpose.

Talent & leadership

Our framework helps companies develop leaders, engage employees, and build soft and technical skills through social purpose.

How can you better attract, develop and retain top talent?

Our framework helps companies develop leaders, engage employees, and build soft and technical skills through social purpose.


When it comes to employee wellness, why not tackle the core, rather than treat the symptoms?

Multi-purpose your wellness and community dollars through our approach. Improve collaboration, teamwork, foster diversity and inclusion and an improved sense of belonging, happiness and well-being.

Transforming corporate community involvement

Our Transformative Community Involvement™ (TCI) framework is a unification of science, methodology, processes, and values. We design and implement programs aligned with your core values and strategy.

Our evidence-based framework makes it easier for your people to solve social problems. Your workforce develops through purpose as your community program moves from transactional investment to transformative involvement.

Featured: Sealand – A Maersk Company WINS 6 Stevies® in 2022, including GOLD in the International Business Awards and GOLD in the American Business Awards, for Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year

Thiago Covre, Chief Line Officer

"We adopted a transformational approach to community and employee involvement. We focused on outcomes and laid the foundation for setting objectives that are enabling us to create meaningful and measurable impact for communities, for our employees and for our company. We built a sustainable community program that is making a difference in our communities.

Our employees are developing within it as they help community members reach their own potential, and our leaders are becoming stronger."

Thiago Covre, Chief Line Officer
Winner Inspiring Leader 2021

It creates meaningful and measurable impact for communities, for our employees, and for our company.


Congratulations to 117 grassroots leaders at Sealand and those who have joined them from Maersk, Hamburg Süd, MLS, PPO, OPACIF, and Aliança in leading community partnerships throughout the Americas. 
Congratulations to hundreds of volunteers who pour their energy into the program every year,
and to Sealand's dynamic long-term non-profit partners. Our team at The Collaboration Vector
is proud to be your community program management partner.

58 Global Awards and Distinctions Since 2017


Award categories

Employee Engagement

Innovation in Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement of the Year

Corporate Social Responsibility

Inspiring Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Program of the Year

CSR Program of the Year, Recognizing Employee Leaders

Culture, Purpose, Inclusion

Culture & Purpose of the Year

Inclusion in a Community Program

Leadership in Overall Program

Leadership in Overall Community Program

Community Investment of the Year

Leadership in Skills-Based Community Service

Delivering Quality Education

Management Team Awards

Management Team of the Year

Maverick of the Year

Innovator of the Year

Community Partnership Awards

Excellence in Green Initiatives

Excellence in Community Partnerships

Individual Awards

Inspiring Leader

Leadership in Individual Community Service

Unsung Hero

Employee Engagement Professional of the Year

Featured: Companies of all sizes and industries are embracing social purpose as a means of achieving community and business objectives

Eduardo Toker, CEO

"From the start, we paid a lot of attention to creating a warm and welcoming environment at our restaurant. We feel like we are part of the fabric of our community in the heart of the Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montreal. When I heard about TCV’s approach, I found the idea intriguing and innovative. A differentiated community program will be a natural and exciting next step for us, our employees and our customers. We have now shortlisted an initiative and are working with TCV on next steps."

Eduardo Toker, CEO

It's a natural and exciting next step for us

Che - opt.jpg

Andrea Alacchi, CEO

"Though we have always been philanthropic as a company, we are now reflecting on implementing a structured and focused community program. I think instilling social purpose is a good next step in our journey towards building a strong and different kind of culture. It will be uniting and help us nurture our employees over the long-term as we support our communities. I am engaged in a reflection with The Collaboration Vector and attended the company’s workshop. I had an opportunity to share ideas with other CEOs of SMEs around a topic that wasn’t mainstream. It was a great experience and I left with a good idea of what we had to do next. I am quite drawn to TCV’s transformational approach."

Andrea Alacchi, CEO

It will be uniting and help us nurture our employees

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